Make a Referral - Get Rewarded!

  1. Share - Tell your colleagues, friends, and family about your experience at Stowbird Storage. 
  2. Submit - Send us your referral through the link below so we know who you referred and can make sure you both get rewarded!
  3. Rent - When the person you referred rents a unit we will match them to your referral. 
  4. Get Rewarded! - Your referral will receive a $15 credit, and as a token of appreciation, you'll receive one month of FREE storage after your referral has been a tenant for three months.*
  5. Unlimited potential: There are no limits to the free months you can rack up! More referrals equal more free storage for you.

*Note: To qualify for rewards, your referrals must not be current or previous Stowbird Storage tenants. If you rent multiple units, the unit with the lowest price will receive the free month.